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Handmade Racing Bicycles

Made by me, tailored TO you.

Our work


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I’m a steel bike guy, a love which developed as a kid, fascinated by the work of builders like Ron Cooper, Richard Sachs, Ernesto Colnago, and Ugo De Rosa. To me, they are more than bicycles. With their lug work and craftsmanship, they are works of art.

I’ve ridden and raced on carbon, aluminum, and titanium too, in various formats, from road, cross, tandem and fat, but steel offers a ride quality that is unparalleled.


Your bicycle should be more than just a copy of the bike your favorite pro rides. Instead, it should be an extension of you. Made to fit you, your flexibility, the type of riding you do, and your personal style. 


Whether for your regular group ride or ripping it up at the races, your customized ride awaits. Made by me, tailored to you.

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